SOTAR/MOACKS Dimple Staking Screws


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SOTAR Staking Screw Kit is designed to create “Dimple Staking” of your Phosphate Carrier Key when using a MOACKS PLAIN. These will NOT work with other versions of MOACKS Staking Jigs or Staking Jigs made by other Manufacturers. Kit includes 4 Screws.

-You must lubricate the tips of the Screws with grease for each use.

-These Staking Screws do not last forever. You will get about 20 Phosphate Carrier Key Staking Jobs completed before the tips begin to wear/dull/gall.

-These Staking Screws are ONLY designed for use on Phosphate Carrier Keys. They do not use them on Hard Chrome, Nickle Boron, or Nitride Carrier Keys. Using these Screws on anything but Phosphate will damage the tips.

This product is shipped directly from the School of the American Rifle Shop.



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