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NOTE: These Tees run on the smaller end of the sizing scale If you like a more relaxed fit, consider ordering one size larger.

Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever found yourself a little bit ruffled by a SOTAR post? Did it stir the pot, rattle your cage slightly? Well, it’s time to transform that offended sigh into an empowered grin with the cleverly audacious Hoes Mad T-Shirt from the School of the American Rifle (SOTAR).

This t-shirt doesn’t merely wear its humor on its sleeve — it splashes it unabashedly across the chest, with the punchy phrase ‘Hoes Mad’ leading the charge. Designed to be a lighthearted salute to those who’ve felt the sting of a SOTAR zinger, it’s a playful nod to the adage that laughter really is the best medicine!

Taking the fun further is the superior quality and comfort of this t-shirt, made from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. Now, if you’re going for the Heather colors, they contain a smidge of polyester, but don’t worry, they’re just as comfy!

Weighing in at 4.2 oz./yd.² (142 g/m²), this fabric isn’t too heavy or too light — it’s just right. And yes, we’ve pre-shrunk this bad boy, so no horror movie-esque shrinkage will haunt you post-wash.

The t-shirt boasts a side-seamed construction, ensuring it maintains its shape and fit no matter how many times it’s worn or washed. Oh, and let’s not forget the shoulder-to-shoulder taping — because we believe that, much like a good joke, a great t-shirt is all about the delivery.

So why not turn that cheeky smirk into a full-blown grin with the Hoes Mad T-Shirt from SOTAR? Show the world that you can not only take a joke but can wear one with style. So go ahead, place your order today, and remember — laughter is not just the best medicine, it’s also the best fashion statement!

Alright, you cheeky devils, here’s the deal with how we do things at SOTAR HQ. When you place an order for the bold and delightful Hoes Mad T-Shirt, we don’t just pluck one out of a big pile in a warehouse. Oh no, we’re much classier than that!

You see, your order sets off a splendid little chain reaction at our end. We roll up our sleeves, fire up our machines, and start creating your t-shirt from scratch. Like a batch of grandma’s secret cookie recipe, it’s made fresh, just for you!

Now, we won’t fib — this personalised touch means it may take us a bit longer to get your order to your doorstep. But hey, good things come to those who wait, right?

By making our products on demand, we’re doing our bit to twart the dastardly villain known as overproduction. So, each time you make a purchase, you’re not just getting a fantastic tee — you’re also helping us be kinder to our dear old planet.

In other words, your shopping decisions are not just trendy, they’re thoughtful too. Smashing! So, thank you for choosing to shop with us, you savvy, stylish, and Planet Earth-loving customer. Keep being awesome!

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