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The AR15 BCG Physical/Inspection Service includes inspection and gauging of your AR15 Direct Impingement Bolt Carrier Group as seen on the School of the American Rifle YouTube Channel. A printed Health Report is included with your BCG Inspection. At this time we are only accepting BCGs in 5.56/.223, .300 Blackout, 6mm MAX, & .204 Ruger.

You must submit an Order for EACH BCG you send us. You may send multiple BCG’s in one package, but you must submit an Order for EACH BCG you send us. Please use a good email and phone # on the Form. We may need to call or email you. We don’t sell phone #’s, emails, or spam our customers.

Our Physicals/Inspections often reveal component or assembly problems. Replacement parts and repair labor is NOT included.

If we find something that warrants replacement or repair, we will contact you via phone or email before shipping the BCG back to see if you would like to have items corrected or replaced. You are responsible for all repair parts and labor requests. If we attempt to contact you and get no reply within 2 days, we will return your BCG without any changes or repairs. If you want to have components replaced or modified, please select the items on the Order Form above.

We do perform a test on the Carrier Key/Carrier Key Screws to see if they are installed properly. If your BCG fails the test, the Carrier Key and Carrier Key Screws should be replaced. If you don’t want a replacement, we will return the BCG with the Carrier Key & Screws uninstalled in a plastic bag. We will not reinstall previously staked Carrier Keys or Carrier Key Screws. Replacement Carrier Keys & Carrier Key Screws are NOT included in the Physical/Inspection price. If you want your Carrier Key & Screws replaced they can be purchased on the Order Form above. We do not Re-Stake over previous Staking. We do not Stake Nitride, PQP, DLC, Chrome, NP3, NiB, TiN

When you checkout and pay via our shopping cart, you are paying $1.00 PROCESSING FEE per BCG and $7.95 Return Shipping per BCG. That $8.95 ONLY covers the return shipping of your BCG (includes $100.00 Insurance). If you want additional insurance, it can be purchased on the Order Form above. The rate is $3.00 for each $100.00 increment of insurance.

The Bolt Carrier Group Physical/Inspection is $40.00 CASH/PER Bolt Carrier Group.

The BCG Physical/Inspection Service must be paid for with CASH placed in the box with your BCG. If you don’t send CASH, your BCG will be returned without any inspection performed. We DO NOT offer refunds for this service. Cash means paper CASH. Cash does not mean Crypto, PayPal, Venmo, or some other hipster online currency service. We do not accept trades or barters.

You must print your order page and place in inside the package with your BCG or BCG’s. We ask this because a shipping labels can get damaged and become illegible, and without a printed form, we may not know who the BCG belongs to. If you send a BCG without an Online Order we will assume you are donating the BCG to School of the American Rifle and your BCG/BCG’s WILL NOT be returned.

At this time we DO NOT inspect AR10/SR25, Radial Delayed, Blowback, or Gas Piston AR Bolts or Carriers. Additionally we don’t accept BCG’s in 224 Valkyrie, 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, 7.62×39, 50 Beowulf, .375 or 458 SOCOM, or 450 Bushmaster. If you send one of these items, Chad or Rebel the Shop Cat will fart in the box and return your BCG/BCG’s without any work performed.

Sending a BCG gives us implied consent to photograph or video what we find. Due to the volume of BCG’s we service, there is no guarantee that your particular BCG will be featured on our YouTube channel or other social media. If we find something unique we may produce a video.

Once you complete your Order, you can ship your BCG/BCG’s to SOTAR, 82 Augusta Drive, Elkton, MD 21921

We estimate a 14-28 day turn around once we receive your BCG. If you cant wait 14-28 days, don’t send the BCG. We don’t offer rush inspections. The 14-28 days only counts toward the Physical/Inspection. If we don’t have a component in stock it may delay turn around time.

Important Tips:
1) Always check your Barrel and Bolt with Headspace Gauges. It MUST close on a GO Gauge, and should NOT close on a FIELD Gauge.

2) Always check for Gas Tube/Carrier Key Alignment.

3) Passing a SOTAR Physical/Inspection does not guarantee your BGC will run in any AR. The Barrel, Gas System, Buffer System, Ammunition, and Magazines play a huge role in the reliability of your AR.

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