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My Students often ask for suggestions about what AR Tools, Gauges, and Jigs they should buy. When I am asked this question its quite difficult for me to narrow down or compartmentalize a list due to the vast collection I have amassed. I promise my reluctance is not because I don’t want to help, it’s just a difficult task.

I try to buy every AR Tool, Gauge, and Jig available on the Civilian Market. I also collect U.S. Government M4/M16 Tools and Gauges. USGI Gauges and Tools are somewhat rare, very expensive, and collectible. My list will include alternatives to USGI options.

If certain Tools, Jigs, or Gauges are not available on a commercial market, I make them. I do this because having a variety allows me to select the best tools for certain jobs. My Students also get to use, hammer on, and wrench on the tools, so I get to see how well they hold up. Students can mess up a cheap tool right quick.

So here it goes. Remember, this list is geared towards the AR but many of these items can be used to service your other firearms. If I dont suggest something you own, please don’t take offense. This list is a guideline, not the The Good Book. There will be 4 levels:


I will add part #’s when time permits, I’ll do my best to answer any questions.
Spreadsheet below created by Niko Garcia

ToolConsumableArmorer ToolsGunsmith OnlyDirect BuySpecial Order OnlyPriceURL
.080 Weed Eater LineYesYesNoYesNo11.99View Part
Aeroshell 64 (Barrel Nuts and Castle Nuts)YesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Birchwood Casey Barricade (Great for external wipe downs)YesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Blue Stick Loctite (NOT the liquid type)YesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Campfire Wood SkewersYesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Canned Air (Could get a shop compressor instead)YesYesNoYesNo47.99View Part
Gas Block Geanie, HB Industries Gas Block Alignment Pins, or PastaYesYesNoYesNo6.95View Part
Loctite 271/272YesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Loctite 620 or Permatex Indian Gasket Shellac (Barrel Bedding and for Carrier/Gas Key Installs)YesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Lubricant (JELLO SAUCE)YesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
RocksettYesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Simple Green Precision (NOT regular Simple Green)YesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Stainless Shim Stock in .0005 and .0010 for Barrel Extension Shimming/BeddingYesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Synthetic Grease (Assembly Lube)YesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Vibratite VC3YesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Vise PadsYesYesNoYesNo9.99View Part
Wipe Out Products (Bore Cleaner)YesYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Wood BlockYesYesNoYesNo0
YHM Lock Ring Wrench/ToolNoYesNoYesNo40.95View Part
.061-.250 Pin Gauge SetNoYesNoYesNo69.99View Part
.251-.500 Pin Gauge SetNoYesNoYesNo111.99View Part
.501-.625 Pin Gauge SetNoYesNoYesNo135.99View Part
.625 SLR or BRDE Barrel Dimple JigNoYesNoYesNo34.01View Part
.750 SLR or BRDE Barrel Dimple JigNoYesNoYesNo34.01View Part
½” Foot Pound Clicker Torque WrenchNoYesNoYesNo54.99View Part
1 3/16-16 UN 2A GO Thread Ring GaugeNoYesNoYesNo298.45View Part
1 3/16-16 UN 2A NO GO Thread Ring GaugesNoYesNoYesNo298.45View Part
1 3/16-16 UN 2B & 3B GO (Both have the same dimensions) Thread Plug GaugeNoYesNoYesNo109.36View Part
1 3/16-16 UN 2B & 3B NO GO (Both have the same dimensions) Thread Plug GaugeNoYesNoYesNo109.36View Part
1 3/16-16 UN 3A GO Thread Ring GaugesNoYesNoYesNo298.45View Part
1 3/16-16 UN 3A NO GO Thread Ring GaugesNoYesNoYesNo298.45View Part
1 3/16-16 UN 3B NO GO Thread Plug Gauge (3x)NoYesNoYesNo328.08View Part
1.4636 Forster .223 GO Headspace GaugeNoYesNoYesNo31.99View Part
1.4646 Forster 5.56 GO Headspace Gauge (Brownells)NoYesNoYesNo32.99View Part
1.4736 Brownells 5.56 Field Headspace GaugeNoYesNoYesNo30.99View Part
1/2″ Drive 2’+ Breaker BarNoYesNoYesNo39.99View Part
2# HammerNoYesNoYesNo11View Part
4 to 8 Ounce Ball Peen HammerNoYesNoYesNo11.99View Part
4″ to 6″ ViseNoYesNoYesNo166.1View Part
AAC 3 Prong Flash Hider ToolNoYesNoYesNo34.99View Part
AR General Purpose BrushNoYesNoYesNo17.99View Part
Arisaka Leveling KitNoYesNoYesNo38View Part
Armorers flange tool LAW tacticalNoYesNoYesNo45.99View Part
Badger Ordnance Dead LevelNoYesNoYesNo165View Part
Broken Shell Extractor or Cerro Safe 308/7.62NoYesNoYesNo29.99View Part
Broken Shell Extractor or Cerro Safe 556/223NoYesNoYesNo19.99View Part
Brownells Castle Nut ToolNoYesNoYesNo44.99View Part
Brownells Gas Tube Wrench/ViseNoYesNoYesNo26.99View Part
Brownells Impact DriverNoYesNoYesNo42.99View Part
Brownells Magazine Catch Install ToolNoYesNoYesNo15.99View Part
Brownells Magazine Lip GaugeNoYesNoYesNo59.99View Part
Brownells Screwdriver (Best) or Wheeler Gunsmith Screwdriver Set (Good)NoYesNoYesNo59.99View Part
Bucket HeaterNoYesNoYesNo35.99View Part
Cheap Steel & Brass 17pc Punch SetNoYesNoYesNo38.99View Part
CKT LevelNoYesNoYesNo24.99View Part
Crows Foot Wrench SetNoYesNoYesNo287View Part
Daves Metal Works Upper Receiver FixtureNoYesNoYesNo299.99View Part
DemagnetizerNoYesNoYesNo32.65View Part
Digital Depth/Anvil GaugeNoYesNoYesNo98.95View Part
Digital or Analog CalipersNoYesNoYesNo176.02View Part
DPMS Armorers ToolNoYesNoYesNoDiscontinuedView Part
FCD Castle Nut WrenchNoYesNoYesNo45View Part
Feeler Gauge SetNoYesNoYesNo13.84View Part
Forster 11 Piece .223 Match Headspace Gage Set or PTG 5.56 11 Piece SetNoYesNoYesNo572View Part
Geissele Gas Tube Punch SetNoYesNoYesNo25View Part
Geissele Hammer & Trigger Install Pin ToolNoYesNoYesNo15View Part
Geissele or Surefire Suppressor Alignment RodsNoYesNoYesNo71View Part
Geissele Reaction Block or Kley Zion Buffer Tube JigNoYesNoYesNo200View Part
Granite SlabNoYesNoYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Harbor Freight Plastic Dead Blow HammerNoYesNoYesNo12.99View Part
Harbor Freight Rubber MalletNoYesNoYesNo4.99View Part
Hawkeye BorescopeNoYesNoYesNo2245View Part
Inch Pound Torque WrenchNoYesNoYesNo31.87View Part
Iosso AR Nylon Brush SetNoYesNoYesNo17.86View Part
Iron Pipe (cheater bar I assume)NoYesNoYesNoVaries by Volume
Jewelers Screwdriver Cobalt 759897NoYesNoYesNo27.99View Part
KNS Hammer Cage ToolNoYesNoNoNoDiscontinuedView Part
Large Frame AR ToolsNoYesNoYesNoUnspecified
Law Tactical ToolNoYesNoYesNo5.99View Part
LCGW Trigger Guard PressNoYesNoYesNo39.95View Part
Little Crow Gunworks Bolt Catch ToolNoYesNoYesNo19.95View Part
Lower Receiver Hammer & Trigger Bore Taper Plug GaugeNoYesNoNoNoUnknownView Part
Magpul BEV BlockNoYesNoYesNo49.95View Part
Mark Brown Customs Gas Tube GaugeNoYesNoYesNo35.99View Part
Merchant/Brownells Throat Erosion GaugeNoYesNoYesNo46.99View Part
M-Guns Throat GaugeNoYesNoNoYes80View Part
Midwest URRNoYesNoYesNo125.95View Part
Mitutoyo 0-1" MicrometerNoYesNoYesNo146.56View Part
Needle Nose Plier SetNoYesNoYesNo11.99View Part
NoMar Rail Blocks or YHM Rail BlocksNoYesNoYesNo22.99View Part
NRA Trigger Weight KitNoYesNoYesNo149.99View Part
Obsidian Arms AR15 Punch SetNoYesNoYesNo61.75View Part
One Piece Cleaning Rod and AR Upper Receiver Bore GuideNoYesNoYesNo29.99View Part
Parts WasherNoYesNoYesNo119.99View Part
Pivot Pin Install Tool (Real Avid)NoYesNoYesNo11.99View Part
Propane TorchNoYesNoYesNo23.99View Part
PTG Barrel Straightness GaugeNoYesNoYesNo75View Part
PTG Muzzle Erosion GaugeNoYesNoYesNo76View Part
PTG or Brownells Lapping ToolNoYesNoYesNo39View Part
PTG or Brownells Upper Receiver Lapping ToolNoYesNoYesNo39View Part
Saturn Barrel BlocksNoYesNoYesNo139.99View Part
Schuster Barrel Nut Alignment RodNoYesNoYesNo6.99View Part
Schuster Sling Staking ToolNoYesNoYesNo54.99View Part
Schuster Thread Concentric GaugeNoYesNoNoNoDiscontinuedView Part
Sight Adjustment ToolNoYesNoYesNo9.99View Part
Site Lite Bore Sight LaserNoYesNoYesNo64.99View Part
Sweeny Site A Line SpudNoYesNoNoNoDiscontinuedView Part
Tapco Multi Tool Green Armorers WrenchNoYesNoYesNo24.99View Part
Thread CheckerNoYesNoYesNo9.99View Part
Toaster Oven for Thermal Fit itemsNoYesNoYesNo67.9View Part
Two 3/32″ x 12″ Drill RodsNoYesNoYesNo17.29View Part
UltraSonic CleanerNoYesNoYesNo39.99View Part
USGI 1 3/16-16 Thread Comparator GageNoYesNoNoYesUnspecifiedView Part
USGI Barrel Nut Wrench with 3 Prong F.H. ToolNoYesNoYesNo21.99View Part
USGI Firing Pin Hole Taper Plug Gage (RARE) NoYesNoNoNoUnknownView Part
USGI Lower Receiver Hammer & Trigger Bore Taper Plug Gauge (RARE) NoYesNoNoNoUnknownView Part
USGI Magazine Well Plug Gauge # 8439649NoYesNoNoNoDiscontinued
USGI/USMC Lower Receiver Pivot Recess GageNoYesNoNoNoDiscontinued
#8 Cratex Bullet Fine (Brownells Part # 190-025-083)YesNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
#8 Cratex Bullet Coarse (Brownells Part # 190-025-081)YesNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
.625 Flex HoneYesNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
.750 Flex HonesYesNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
1/4″ Bullet Tip Stone (For cutting the Barrel Extension Ramps ONLY)YesNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
1/4″ x 3/8″ x 1/8′ Felt Bob (Brownells Part # 839-500-025)YesNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
555 Polish (For Felt Bob – Brownells Part # 080-555-001)YesNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Aluminum Black (Aluminum Touch-up)YesNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Brass Crown Repair LapsYesNoYesYesNo12.99View Part
Carbide Drill Bits for Dimple JigYesNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Feed Ramp Rework Polish KitYesNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Kroil Oil (Seized Fasteners)YesNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Leather Remnants, Brass Sheets, and Lead SheetsYesNoYesYesNoVaries by Volume
Ruby Stones for FCG Stoning and DeburringYesNoYesYesNo10.6View Part
Super Blue (Steel Touch-up)YesNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Tap Magic AluminumYesNoYesNoYesVaries by VolumeView Part
Tap Magic StandardYesNoYesNoYesVaries by VolumeView Part
#4 Pointed Mandrel for Cratex Tips (Brownells Part # 190-001-004)NoNoYesYesNo21.99View Part
4-40 Tap for Takedown Set Screw ModificationNoNoYesYesNo4.91View Part
Bead Blasting CabinetNoNoYesYesNo229.99View Part
Black River Tactical Gas Block Insert Tap SetNoNoYesNoNoUnknown
BRDE FSB JigNoNoYesYesNo360View Part
BRDE Universal Gas Plick Pin/Drill JigNoNoYesYesNo510View Part
Brownells Chamber Reflector ToolNoNoYesYesNo9.99View Part
Bushnell bore sighter/collimatorNoNoYesNoNo85.49View Part
Damaged Screw ExtractorsNoNoYesYesNo19.99View Part
DremelNoNoYesYesNo99View Part
Dremel flex attachmentNoNoYesYesNo34.97View Part
Drill Press/MillNoNoYesYesNoOwned Already
M-Guns Gas Tube BenderNoNoYesNoYes30View Part
M-Guns Throat ReamerNoNoYesNoYes280View Part
Taps & Dies 1/4-28, 8-32, 10-32, 1/2-28, 1/2-36, 5/8-24, 1 3/16-16, 1 1/4-18NoNoYesYesNoVaries by VolumeView Part
Harbor Freight Diamond File SetYesNoNoYesNo6.99View Part
8. Additional AR Gauges (Gauges: Headspace, Barrel Straightness, Muzzle Erosion, Throat Erosion, Suppressor Alignment Gauge) (Calibers: .300 Blackout, .308, 6.5 CM, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8SPC, 7.62×39, 7.62×51 NATO, 9mm Luger, .22 L.R., .458 SOCOM)
Proprietary Barrel Nut Wrenches
Proprietary KAC AR Tools