AR15 Feed Ramp Cut & Polish Kit


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This kit includes all of the necessary bits to cut and polish the Barrel Extension/Feed Ramps on your AR15. The contents will allow you to do a minimum of 4 AR15 Barrels.

– Rotary Tool/Dremel is not included. A Rotary Tool is required to use this Kit.

-The Barrel MUST be removed from the Upper Receiver in order to use this Kit.

-Never cut or polish the aluminum M4 Feed Ramps in your upper receiver! This Kit is made to cut or polish the STEEL Feed Ramps on your Barrel Extension ONLY.

1 Diamond Burr (For Colt 2 Stage Ramps)
1 Cut Lube (For Diamond Burr)
1 Bullet Stone (For Reshaping Ramps)
1 Cylinder Stone (For Reshaping Ramps)
2 Cratex Mandrels
2 Course Cratex Bits
2 Fine Cratex Bits
1 Tin 555 Metal Polish (For Felt Bobs Only)
3 Bullet Felt Bobs (For Polishing Only)
3 Cylinder Felt Bobs (For Polishing Only)


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