SOTAR Vinyl Stickers – MK2


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Experience the magic of our robust adhesive emblems, printed on sturdy, high-opacity vinyl designed to endure the test of time. Their steadfast nature makes them ideal for frequent use, adeptly overlaying previous stickers or paint without a hitch. The premium-grade vinyl is the silent promise of a bubble-free application, ensuring each sticker lays flawlessly smooth.

• Intense opacity film, leaving no room for transparency
• Swift, effortless application devoid of pesky bubbles
• Hardy vinyl, tailored for enduring indoor utilization
• Boasts a dense 95µ thickness

For optimum adhesion, remember to cleanse the intended surface prior to unleashing the magic of your new sticker!

Handcrafted with care, your order springs into existence the very moment you confirm your purchase, kindling a creation process that infuses your item with an unparalleled personal touch. This tailored approach extends our delivery time slightly, yet it’s an intentional choice we make to combat the ghost of overproduction. Each product is born out of your unique desire, not forged in the impersonal fires of bulk manufacturing. Your thoughtful choices echo far beyond our workshop; they contribute to a sustainable future. Thank you for choosing wisely and partnering with us in this journey!

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