Muzzle Device Alignment Rods with Rare Earth Retention Magnets


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We use these Rods in the Shop and in Classes to ensure Muzzle Devices are properly timed. The 4 included Magnets are used to hold the the Rods in place on the Upper or Muzzle Device during Muzzle Device Installation.

The Rods can also be used to check proper timing on previously installed Muzzle Devices.

This product is shipped directly from the School of the American Rifle Shop.

1) These Alignment Rods are only for NEUTRAL Muzzle Device Timing only. If you favor your Muzzle Device for a right hand or left hand shooter, this tool will not work for that purpose.

2) These Alignment Rods may not work on all Muzzle Devices due to the lack of wrench flats or the position of slots or ports.


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