Headspace Gauge & the AR – School of the American Rifle

Headspace Gauge & the AR – School of the American Rifle


  • Hi Chad,

    I have been in touch with Scott Kempel from Forster Products and he tells me that they no longer offer a three gauge set for the AR15 platform (5.56 NATO headspace “go” and “no-go” gauges).

    He directed me to Brownell’s. This headspace gauge that is offered at Brownell’s is not a 5.56mm NATO (1.4646”).
    It is a .223 headspace gauge that is 1.4736”.
    I would like to purchase 5.56 NATO (1.4646”) headspace “go” and “no-go” gauges from you. How do I go about doing that?

  • Hey Chad, love your info. Gonna be trying to get into a class soon.

    Wanted to see if there was anyway for me to purchase your Go/No Go gages as well. And a few other tools I see you use all the time. Would really appreciate some info

  • Hello Chad, I’ve been “lurking” on your youtube channel for about a week now and just today came over to your website. I have been struck by your thoroughness, it has shown me of my incompetence when it comes to assembling ar’s. I am learning quite a lot relating to my deficiencies (you don’t know what you don’t know, ya know?) and intending to upgrade my knowledge and proficiency. I too am interested in obtaining some of the gauging tools you show using in your videos and would also appreciate info on how to acquire them.

    I am also wondering when finding parts that are “out of spec”, such as the buffer tube and castle nut threads, what is the remedy? I’m refering to the video of a customers ar parts kit that you were inspecting prior to assembly and found the buffer tube and castle nut “failed”, both being a class 1 fit and the receiver thread a class 3, you said you were not going to use those parts but didn’t say how you would remedy the situation. Random purchasing until acceptable replacements are found? Or are there certain manufacturers that produce parts with tighter tolerances?

    Please feel free (help) to contact me at pecostx51(at)yahoo(dot)com




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